Seekers and Joiners Class

If you would like to become a member of this church or if you have questions about the church, we invite you to come to the Seekers and Joiners Class on Sunday, November 17 in the Parlor following the worship service.  One becomes a member of the church by professing faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  We receive members by a first-time profession of faith, by letter of transfer from another church or by a reaffirmation of faith in Christ.   To learn more visit the Welcome Table following the worship services. Contact Joanne Slager, for more information.


Class of 2019

Ben Currier

Don Grandi

Pat Nordbrock

John Rader

Joanne Slager


Class of 2020

Jill Crawford

Shirley Hagerson

Jim Kier

Jerry Perkins

David Weigel

Class of 2021

Norman Brown

Duncan Connell

Doug Jensen

Saralene Oldham

Barbara Weiss

The History of First Presbyterian Church of Naples