50 Nifty Tips for Financial Planning

Join your hosts, Linda Gadkowski CFP and Amy Manley CFP, for a webinar which covers financial planning tips for you and your family to put in place now. These ideas will help you manage money stress during, and beyond, the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Please print out this handbook. Have a pen and paper to write down any notes, just like you would in the in-person workshop. 

Wednesdays at First - Lenten Series
Wednesdays at First - Environment Series

God has called us to care for His creation and to be stewards of our environment.  Florida’s environment provides both the foundation for our quality of life and the cornerstone of our economy.  Yet we are facing increasing challenges brought on by changing climate--stronger storms, red tide toxic algae blooms, dead marine life, water quality issues.


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Chuck Work - Lecture on Gun Violence