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Children and Youth
Children and Youth

In this pivotal time, even though we are not meeting in person, we have the ability to meet on Zoom, which reminds us that even though we are apart, we can still be together. We are currently meeting online for all our programming.  Please contact Ashley Hancock to obtain a link.

At First Presbyterian Church of Naples, our goal is to model Christianity as a truly universal and love-centered spiritual path.  We have a holistic program that focuses on love, compassion and self-awareness based on the teachings of Jesus.

We realize that parents are their children’s primary faith formers and that faith is a journey we all take together.  We provide the necessary tools for parents to help their children and themselves to learn about worship, faith and what it means to be a Christian. Faith is caught, it is not taught.

In addition to our biblical curriculum, we offer a curriculum of interiority.  We take time to “Be Still” during all of our programs by Taking a Journey into our Hearts (Centering Prayer), and also participate in other spiritual practices which include labyrinth walks.  Mindful eating is also practiced.

All of our intentional programming supports groundbreaking research out of Fuller Theological Seminary, who studied over 250 congregations leading the nation in youth engagement and faith formation.  This research is detailed in Sticky Faith and Growing Young.


nurery pic 1Nursery and Childcare is available for children 6 months to 4 years old during our worship services.  A wiggle room is also available adjacent to the Sanctuary so you can still participate in the service while being with your child.


kidzlab 01We welcome elementary children to Kidz Lab each Sunday. Following the “Time for Children” in the worship service, we invite our children to Kidz Lab in the youth room.  In Kidz Lab, we follow the lectionary (we use the Sparkhouse curriculum) – so the same Bible verses that are preached in the service, are the same verses our children learn about. 

YOUTH (Middle School through High School)


Youth Group is for 6th through 12th graders and is a gathering of open-minded youth welcoming of diverse perspectives. We meet on Wednesday afternoons and after some "hang out" time, we have discussion, study and prayer time. Periodically, middle and high school groups are split up depending on topic of discussion. We also provide fun and educational outings, retreats, service opportunities and a summer Montreat experience for our High School Students.


MOH youthWe encourage youth and family participation in volunteer service projects, while teaching the importance of standing in solidarity with those we serve. We also participate in marches and rallies during the year which stand up for the justice of all people.


youth ping pongWe, as a Community, embrace learning and discovering new ways to bring our congregation together across all ages. We all have much to share with each other, and we intentionally engage and encourage participation in many of our classes and events.


We offer a Confirmation program to any student in grades eight and above who wish to be confirmed in the church.  The rite of confirmation through church history became a rite of passage, a coming of age and an affirmation of one's faith. In the Presbyterian Church (USA), Confirmation is the process through which a young person becomes a full adult member of the church, even though this is not a requirement.  We view Confirmation as the beginning of an incredibly rewarding and amazing journey with parents (since research indicates the most influential people in a young person’s faith development are his/her parents) and mentors.  Our hope is that our confirmands view their faith as a life-long journey while learning about the Bible, the identity of the PC(USA) and the elements of the worship service, and the exploration of other faith traditions that surround us.  We also teach spiritual disciplines to help provide a framework to connect to God.  

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